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Save Energy Costs, but Keep the Comfort this Winter

Brace yourselves, for winter, is coming. With the cold slowly creeping upon us in Monroe, area households have begun to turn up the heater. Unfortunately, this presents a concern facing many; the energy bill increasing due to consistent heater usage. Fortunately, there are solutions to keep the cost from rising so high. Our HVAC technicians have documented tactics on minimizing the cost of your energy bill while maintaining heat for your comfort.

Helpful Tips for Saving On Your Energy Bill This Winter

Let’s discuss some cost-saving techniques that you can use for the cold weather.

Buy a Personal Space Heater

  • An alternative to using your central heating system, a personal space heater can provide comforting heat in a confined area, creating a controlled usage of energy.
  • Utilizing personal space heaters can minimize energy costs, as you are distributing heat only to rooms you deem necessary.

Cover Yourself with Warm Clothing

  • Simply put, old tricks still work today.
  • Covering yourself in blankets, coats, and sweatpants can make your body content with a lower temperature, minimizing the use of a heater.
  • Though easy and straightforward, it can remedy some of the burdens from your energy expenses.

Keep your Heating System Maintained

  • Your heating system consists of major appliances ranging from furnaces and radiators to boilers and heat pumps, and it is important everything performs properly.
  • As with any system, it must be inspected regularly to ensure proper functionality is in place and knowing when it is time for furnace repairs, humidity level balancing, or a new installation is key to a cost-efficient heating system.
  • It is beneficial to schedule an inspection with your heating system annually, as improper performance and other issues can increase costs without you even knowing.
  • With your heating system properly maintained, your energy costs will remain a suitable amount.

Insulate Your Windows

  • Keeping yourself inside during the winter is necessary to stay warm, but remember to keep the warmth inside as well.
  • Windows tend to leave tiny cracks for heat to escape, and these spaces also allow unwanted cold air to enter your house.
  • Placing draft stoppers or plastic insulation sheets on windows can keep warm air from escaping, in addition to preventing cold air from getting in.

Adjust the Thermostat at Night

  • Since you are asleep throughout most of the night, it can be a good time to conserve energy.
  • Adjusting the thermostat down at night can prevent excess costs, as your heater is no longer performing at a high level for several hours while you’re sleeping.

Don’t let your energy bill keep your household from being comfortable. Enjoy the winter this year without worrying about inflated costs ruining your nights of hot cocoa by the fire. If you are ready for your annual heating system maintenance inspection, Iceberg Heating & Cooling provides affordable tune-up services to maintain your comfort and help save you money. We only hire trained HVAC specialists backed up by several years of experience – along with the required licenses and certifications.

If you would like affordable heating and cooling services with the quality a Monroe homeowner deserves, then give us a call at 734-342-3420 or contact us online!

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