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Benefits of Switching to a Programmable Thermostat

Ever wonder how smart your HVAC system can get? The answer lies with your thermostat! By upgrading a traditional thermostat to a programmable variant, your HVAC system can be optimized for your Michigan home. Programmable thermostats allow for more control over your HVAC as temperature changes can be scheduled in advance. Although some still require manually controlling the thermostat, you can also find models with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to control your temperature from the convenience of your smartphone. But what’s the point of upgrading if your traditional thermostat works fine?

The benefits of a programmable thermostat are myriad. They offer more than just convenience, they can help greatly with energy efficiency and help save you money. The experts at Iceberg Heating & Cooling have expanded upon these benefits below.

Optimizing Temperatures

  • A programmable thermostat allows weekly temperature scheduling, meaning you can plan the ideal temperature when you want it.
  • When a programmable thermostat is scheduled to be at the desired temperature, you can ensure that the house is comfortable when you come home from work – or after an extended vacation.
  • Each day of the week can be set to a different temperature for your comfort, and reconfiguring settings is as simple as turning up the heating.
  • Additionally, programmable thermostats are more precise than traditional variants, meaning temperatures are much more consistent.

Cutting Down Energy Usage

  • According to U.S. Department of Energyabout 48% of energy usage comes from your heating and cooling, and when your HVAC system is blasting in empty rooms and during the night, expect utility costs to be high.
  • With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule your home’s temperature for each day of the week, meaning you can leave your home without worrying about turning down the heating.
  • Once you schedule a programmable thermostat, it remembers the exact temperatures to use for upcoming weeks as well, cutting down on energy usage without having to configure it each time.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

  • By utilizing a programmable thermostat, you are making your HVAC system work efficiently and right under your direction.
  • Programmable thermostats maintain your HVAC system by minimizing workload and preventing potential malfunctions.
  • Your HVAC system is now ready to adjust to any temperature, thus reducing the problems that come associated with swift temperature changes.
  • By avoiding fluctuating temperature changes, your HVAC system receives a longer lifespan, as well as more efficient heating distribution.

Modernizing Your Home

  • By introducing a programmable thermostat in your home, you modernize and increase the value of your property.
  • With a programmable thermostat, your home now has a streamlined HVAC system, along with energy efficiency and smart controls for your preference.
  • Using a programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities allows you to control your temperature from your smartphone. Combining this with other smart controls gives your home a modern flair and extra convenience.

After reading the benefits of a programmable thermostat, are you ready to install it in your home? If so, contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling today! Monroe homeowners deserve quality control over their comfort system – and our thermostat services ensure you receive a professionally installed thermostat. Give us a call at 734-342-3420 to schedule an appointment and modernize your HVAC system.

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