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Securing Your AC for Winter

Securing Your AC for Winter

The leaves are turning golden shades of yellow and red, and the air has that old familiar bite you know so well. That’s right, folks, winter is just around the corner. But before you haul that Yule logs inside and hang the stockings with care, don’t forget to secure your AC for winter. For 20 years, Iceberg Heating & Cooling has been Monroe County’s premiere HVAC specialist, and today we’d like to share some tips with you on securing your AC for winter.

Shut Off Power to the Unit.

Protect your air conditioning unit from damage in case someone accidentally turns the thermostat to “cool” during winter by shutting off power to the unit. First, manually shut off the unit by setting the thermostat to the “off” position inside the home. Next, locate the metal or plastic circuit box mounted on the wall near the outside unit, and then open the lid and shut off the power.

Wash the Unit.

Use a water hose to clean the unit thoroughly around the base and sides. When cleaning the sides of the unit, make sure to spray in an upward fashion to remove any dirt, leaves, or bugs trapped inside the louvers. Next, apply a thin coat of car wax to the flat, painted surfaces of the unit in the same manner as you would wax a car to protect against rust. Lastly, make sure your unit is clear of any branches, clutter, or debris within a two-foot radius.

Foam Pipe Covers.

Available at any hardware store, foam pipe covers are an important component in protecting your AC unit from a Michigan winter. Easy to cut a fit, place the foam pipe covers over any exposed pipe outside the unit. Wrap the pipe covers once with duct tape to hold in place and ensure easy removal in spring.

Cover Your Unit with Plywood.

Place a large square of plywood on top of the unit, and then put a brick or rock on top of the plywood to keep in place. Most units require no more than a 24×24 square to completely cover the entire structure. This will protect your unit from damage caused by falling icicles and snow. Most manufacturers don’t recommend using store-bought covers—as they attract animals and hold in moisture that can damage your unit.

While these DIY tips will help protect your unit from the coming winter, the best way to keep your system in peak running condition is to schedule regular maintenance checkups. At Iceberg Heating & Cooling, we offer a variety of options to choose from with our Comfort Club™ membership program. Comfort Club™ provides you with regular system checks, bi-annual checkups, and service. This will ensure your unit is operating at its best and will meet manufacturer requirements for extended warranties. We’re on call, online, and always on time, so schedule an appointment today by calling the professionals at Iceberg Heating & Cooling at (734) 375-1119 or email.