4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips To Prepare For Cold Weather
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4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips To Keep Your HVAC Healthy

With how much reliance we have on our heating and cooling, your HVAC system is continually going to need help from its homeowner. HVAC system maintenance is an important aspect to remember, especially with Monroe slowly entering back into the cold weather. Not only does HVAC maintenance help ensure you receive ample heating and cooling as much as possible — it also helps offer a boost in both lifespan and energy efficiency. Iceberg Heating & Cooling is here to help homeowners keep their HVAC systems healthy and functioning. Below are four HVAC maintenance tips to keep in mind for your Monroe home.

1. Change Your Filters

An HVAC system can’t work well without a clean, usable filter. Filters are used to collect dust, lint, and other particles to prevent them from being circulated by your HVAC system. This helps maintain both your IAQ (indoor air quality) and energy efficiency, as dust particles aren’t contaminating or blocking conditioned air. Filters generally have a life span of about two to three months. After which, they can become too clogged and aren’t able to catch particles anymore. We recommend changing your filter around this time. Dirty air filters can cause your HVAC system to have to work harder, putting more strain on your system. Contact our expert online or call 734-342-3420 for a filter change and HVAC maintenance services!

2. Clean Your Supply and Return Vents

On most HVAC systems, conditioned air traverses through air ducts, which is then distributed and recollected through supply and return vents. As their name suggests, one vent supplies new air, while another returns old air. This system can unfortunately lead to one or both vents becoming dirty, which can hinder your IAQ and energy efficiency. One crucial step toward HVAC maintenance is cleaning your supply and return vents anytime you notice large amounts of dust, dirt, or other contaminants. For an informative how-to guide on how to clean your vents, click here.

3. Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean and Its Area Cleared

In most homes, the cooling system comprises of both an inside and outside unit. And while your inside unit is usually concealed inside an enclosed space, your outdoor unit is exposed to wind, rain, and other weather effects. This can lead to buildups of leaves, trash, and other debris in and around your outdoor unit, which can block airflow, reduce performance, or even damage the unit. You want to keep the outdoor unit and its surrounding area as clean as possible. We recommend first clearing the area around the unit using a rake. But be careful not to scrape the rake on the outdoor unit’s exterior. Using a water hose and gloves, you’ll then want to gently wash away and clean the sides of the outdoor unit. Be careful not to get water inside the unit while doing this.

4. Schedule a Professional Maintenance Inspection

Every year, your HVAC system should be professionally inspected at least once. Doing so allows a technician to give an in-depth examination of your entire HVAC system, which helps to identify any issues or code violations. Additionally, this allows a technician to perform some routine maintenance on your system, which helps give it a boost in its life span, performance, and energy efficiency. Contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling for your next heating, air conditioning, or heat pump maintenance inspection! Better support your heating and cooling by following these HVAC maintenance tips! And contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling if you’re ready for a maintenance plan or professional maintenance inspection by Monroe’s leading HVAC experts. Give us a call at 734-342-3420 to schedule an appointment.

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