4 Tips For Installing A New AC
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4 Tips for Installing a New AC

Installing a new AC in your Monroe home can be a tricky and difficult task, especially if you have no prior knowledge on the process. And with how much of an investment a new AC can be, you’ll want to be sure the process is done right. Therefore, we recommend learning some tips for installing a new AC, preferably from the HVAC experts themselves!

Helpful Tips for Air Conditioning Installation 

1. Check If Your Home Is Suitable for the New AC

Not all homes are built the same. And it’s important to distinguish which types of AC units can be installed in your home. While the central AC unit with air ducts is the most common type of cooling system, other homes may only be built for a ductless mini-split system or window units. Therefore, it’s important to assess which AC units can be installed in your home.

Aside from the type of AC, it’s also important to determine if the unit is compatible with the size of your home. Every AC unit has a certain measurement of tonnage and BTUs (British Thermal Unit) per hour. And these measurements help with their capacity to remove heat as well as their square footage coverage. Be sure to check these measurements to find the best fit for your home.

2. Heating Compatibility

Another factor in determining a new AC is the heating component currently in your home. What fuel powers your heating? It can be electric, natural gas, propane, or another type. This will help inform your choice of AC unit. Additionally, some heater designs can make certain AC units more difficult to install. A good example is if you have a baseboard heater or boiler, which don’t have ducts, it would be very difficult to install a central AC system, which requires ducts.

3. Find the AC Unit’s SEER Rating

Energy efficiency is always important to have, especially considering your HVAC system accounts for almost half of your home’s energy consumption. Therefore, we recommend checking an AC unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) before installing it in your home.

The SEER rating is used to measure how much cooling the AC unit can produce for the energy it consumes. And the higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the unit. Generally, minimum SEER ratings can range from 12-14, with higher ratings going up to 26. But a major drawback of units with higher SEER ratings is they have a higher cost to purchase. So, it’s important to find the SEER rating most compatible with your budget and energy efficiency requirement.

4. Be Sure Your Technician is Licensed and Insured

When your AC unit is ready to be installed, it’s important the technician who does the job is properly licensed and insured. These two qualifications help ensure that you’re getting a trustworthy and quality technician. Licensing helps verify that the technician is suited to handle the AC installation process, as well as ensure you avoid any code violations. And insurance offers a safeguard if there are any incidents or injuries during the service. Be sure to always choose HVAC technicians who are properly licensed and insured, such as Iceberg Heating & Cooling.

Find the ideal AC unit by following these essential tips! And contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling to have Monroe’s leading HVAC experts handle the installation process with both quality and affordability. Call us at for our AC installation services.

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