Secrets To Staying Cool For A Fraction Of The Cost
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Secrets to Staying Cool for a Fraction of the Cost

How Can I Stay Cool for Less During the Summer?

Ah, summer — where would we be without it in the north? And while the warmer months bring along barbeques, swimming, and short sleeves, they also bring along days of unbearably hot temperatures and humidity.

To keep cool all summer long while cutting costs in half, here are a few great, energy-saving ways to stay comfortable for less with the utmost ease.

Keep Blinds Shut in Rooms that Receive More Sunlight

While it’s one thing to take full advantage of the warmer, sunny days during the summer, letting too much of that sunlight seep into your home can do more harm than good. As it turns out, rooms that soak up most of the sun’s rays during the day can heat up to new heights — similar to the way a greenhouse works.

If you’re looking to keep your home cool while running your central air conditioner less, you may want to consider keeping the blinds shut in rooms that are prone to get pelted with UV rays throughout the day. Doing this will not only help your AC run much more efficiently, but you’ll be staying cool for a fraction of the cost.

Create Cross-Ventilation on Cooler Days

Sometimes, we luck out with cool, breezy days during the summer. And since these temperature drops are considered “gifts,” we must treat them as such. Solution? Turn off the air conditioner and create cross-ventilation in your home. Cross-ventilation is a great way to cool any room (or rooms) down with some help from mother nature (and a fan).

The best way to make this happen is to open windows directly across from each other in a room. Once that has been completed, turn on a nearby fan (preferably, a ceiling fan that will rotate in a counterclockwise motion) to reap the benefits of cross-ventilation.

Use Box Fans to Push Hot Air Out

Speaking of using fans, do you have a box fan in your possession? If so, there’s a great way to put it to work — cue pulling hot air out of a room. The way this works is simple: plug in your box fan and face its blades towards the window’s screen. By doing this, you’ll be pushing hot air out of the room for a fraction of the cost.

However, if you’re looking to bring cool air into your room on a breezy day, turn the fan around so that its blades are now facing you. Once completed, turn it on, and you’ll be “gifted” the cool, gentle breeze from outside!

Start Grilling More Often

Now, if you’re looking to beat the heat on an extremely hot day, you may want to skip cooking dinner on your stove and opt to use the grill instead. As it turns out, your stove produces radiant heat — meaning that the appliance has the potential to heat the room. And as a result, you’ll find yourself running your air conditioner more.

To avoid this from happening, start grilling in the great outdoors more often, or place a “to-go” order with your favorite local restaurant. Either way, you’ll not only have a delicious meal, but your home will be as cool as can be.

Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

You might have seen this one coming — but for those days that you’ll need to rely on the arctic-like chill of your central air conditioner, your air filter plays a huge role. If your filter is on the dirty side and has been in use for quite some time, not only might there be an uptick in indoor allergens, but the filthy filter has the potential to put a strain on your central air conditioner.

To help your unit run much more smoothly and lessen the chance of bogging down your indoor air quality, you’ll want to replace your air filter about every 30 to 60 days for the best results. Of course, if you feel inclined to replace it sooner than that, there’s nothing wrong with it!

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