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4 Tips to Keep Your Plumbing from Freezing

Winter never fails to bring the chill to our Monroe homes. As we enter the coldest month of the year, expect to see higher chances of freezing, especially with your pipes. The last thing a homeowner needs during this time of the year is freezing pipes that stall or even damage your system. Freezing weather can sometimes lead to bursting pipes, which can be costly, time-consuming and extremely inconvenient. Don’t let freezing pipes become an issue in your home by preventing it altogether. The professionals at Iceberg Heating & Cooling know a thing or two about fighting off the freezing Michigan cold. Being residents ourselves, we deal with the same plumbing issues as our neighbors. With that said, we have compiled some basic tips on keeping your plumbing from freezing.

Run Your Faucet Regularly

  • Running water lowers the chances of your plumbing freezing by stopping water from sitting still and turning into ice.
  • Have your faucet drip water to provide adequate water flow and prevent freezing.
  • Tiny drips will suffice for preventing freezing, and will also help curb too much-wasted water.

Use Insulation and Heating Tape For Pipes

  • Covering your pipes with insulation conceals your plumbing and offers protection from the cold air.
  • Before adding insulation to your plumbing, you must first check for any leaks or cracks in the piping. Covering a small crack or leak with insulation could make the problem worse.
  • Use insulation to cover outside plumbing as well, such as your spout.
  • For added protection, you can cover your pipes in heating tape before adding insulation, as this provides energy-powered heating to your plumbing.

Block Cold Airflow

  • Stopping cold air from entering your home gives more protection from freezing.
  • Tightly secure doors and windows, adding weather stripping to further protect your home from cold air.
  • Plastic covers are available to place over air conditioning ducts, which will seal cracks and openings that allow air to enter.
  • Check your attic for any leaks, and examine the insulation to ensure it has not been compromised by weather or rodents.

Maintain a Consistent and Warm Temperature

  • Overall, heating your home heats your plumbing.
  • Maintaining a warm, consistent temperature in your home help fight off the freezing in the colder areas of the home.
  • Keep your home temperature consistent, and open the cabinets under kitchen and bathroom sinks to ensure they stay warm.
  • Iceberg Heating & Cooling offers extensive heating services that guarantee your home receives adequate warmth at an affordable cost.

For Heating System Repairs Or Maintenance Services Call Iceberg

Keeping your plumbing from freezing is made simple by Iceberg Heating & Cooling. Our dedication is providing comfort and warmth to Monroe homeowners, and we are here for all your heating needs! Iceberg offers a variety of heating services to keep your home warm for the winter. Give us a call at 734-342-3420 to schedule an appointment and meet the heating experts you can trust.

The cost of a heating repair or maintenance service to fix frozen plumbing can add up. At Iceberg Heating & Cooling, we want to help. That’s why we offer a number of specials to our valued customers, including $50 off any repair service. To learn more or to discuss your options, reach out to our team of heating experts today.

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