Preparing Your Home For Warmer Weather
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Preparing Your Home for Warmer Weather

How Can I Prepare My Home for Warmer Weather?

Fact: The various temperatures during summer are not as favorable as those experienced in the spring. And while this might not be your first rodeo when it comes to cooling your home, you should consider treating it as such. This will not only help you cool your living space efficiently, but you’ll be well-prepared before the first blaze visits Monroe.

To help get a head start on your summer cooling preparations, here are some helpful tips to take note of:

Consider Upgrading Your Central Air Conditioner

Are you considering upgrading your current central cooling system for a new one? If so, you should look for one that is energy efficient. Such a system will cool your home using less power than older models installed in many homes across the country.

In addition to using less energy, a newer system will also rely on R410A, or Puron, to keep your home cool. Unlike R-22, which the nation began to phase out in 2010, R410A is a much safer alternative for the environment and will not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Weatherstrip all Doors and Windows

If you have already placed weatherstripping all the doors and windows in your home, eventually, it will wear out with time — which means cool air will seep out, and warm air will go in. To help lock in all that precious cold air your central air conditioner is producing, it’s best to consider making this the year you remove all old weatherstripping and replace it with a new, fresh layer.

Ensure Your Air Conditioning System is Inspected

Are you afraid that your central air conditioner will break down when you least expect it? Did your central cooling system not keep your home as cold as you wanted it to? If so, now is the ideal time to tackle these concerns and have your unit maintained by a professional.

During the inspection, your HVAC technician will help to pinpoint any present issues within your central cooling system. If they happen to spot any underlying issues, the HVAC technician will handle each one of them to ensure that your A/C system will function smoothly all summer long.

Clean Your Central Cooling System

By cleaning the air conditioning system before the first blazing hot day in summer, your unit will be able to tackle the rising temperatures without failure. To start, head outside and locate your central air conditioner’s condenser unit (the giant metal hub that usually resides on the side of your home).

Once in front of it, you should clear any debris and leaves from the condenser unit to help it “breathe” much more efficiently. Also, make sure to gently clean off any accumulated dirt that may have made its way into the fins.

Consider Upgrading Your Thermostat

Let’s be honest — there is no need to cool the entire home when you’re not around, which is why you should invest in a programmable thermostat. If you don’t have one of these intelligent thermostats, you should consider having one installed before summer arrives.

For example, if your “work from home” days have ended, and you’ll be spending more time in your office, you can program your home to be at a higher temperature when you’re not around. The best perk? If you pull into your driveway at a specific time each day, you can even program your thermostat to lower the temperature an hour before you walk through the front door!

Don’t Neglect the Attic

An often forgotten space in a home is the attic. This upper area should be well-insulated such that it will ensure there is no cold air loss during the summer. Furthermore, a well-insulated attic will provide the necessary insulation to help keep your central air conditioner working efficiently — and not much harder than it has to keep your house as cool as can be.

To ensure this is the case, make this a task to complete before summer — since we all know how uncomfortably hot an attic can get. Once you’re in the space, whether it’s a crawl or walk-through space, check the insulation and make sure it’s still intact. If not — or it appears to have withered over the years — call in a team of professionals to install new, adequate insulation in the space!

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