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Special Mother’s Day Ideas: Tips for Maintaining Mom’s HVAC System

Want to do more for Mother’s Day than the usual gifts you buy? How about improving her home by maintaining her HVAC system! Every mom could use a little more from their heating and cooling. By performing the right tips, you can help her HVAC system operate at peak performance, giving her better comfort with a possibly lower energy bill!

Iceberg Heating & Cooling wants to give back to our Monroe mothers by helping to strengthen their HVAC system. For those looking for special Mother’s Day ideas, follow these HVAC maintenance tips below!

Change Mom’s HVAC Filters Regularly

HVAC systems need some breathing room, which is what an HVAC filter provides. HVAC filters catch dust and debris from air circulated by mom’s HVAC system. This prevents contaminants from affecting IAQ (indoor air quality) and maintains energy usage as your HVAC system has adequate airflow.

HVAC filters have a lifespan, and this can vary depending on many factors. Generally, you’ll want to replace mom’s HVAC filters every 2-3 months. But this can change if her home has pets, multiple family members, or if she has severe allergies. Therefore, it’s best you check mom’s HVAC filters every 2 weeks. If you notice large build-ups, go ahead and replace the filter.

Examine Mom’s Attic Insulation

Insulation is how circulated air doesn’t escape a home. This means if insulation is poor, mom’s HVAC system is essentially blowing conditioned air outdoors. You’ll need to inspect mom’s attic insulation to ensure they are at adequate levels.

How do you determine if attic insulation is at a suitable level? By comparing it to the attic joists! Attic joists are the rectangular boxes located at the floor of an attic. Each joist is usually filled with insulation. This insulation should be a little bit higher than the joists. Additionally, each joist should have an even level of insulation. No insulation in a joist should be higher or lower than another.

Note: Insulation is made from fiberglass and dangerous if handled without proper equipment. Do not attempt to install or remove insulation without the help of a professional.

More information about attic insulation can be found here.

Seal Mom’s Doors and Windows

Speaking of conditioned air escaping mom’s home, doors and windows are also major culprits. Doors and windows are outlined with tiny cracks that can allow conditioned air to escape. To help conserve energy usage, you’ll need to seal mom’s doors and windows.

By sealing, we don’t mean barricading mom in her home like a bunker! We mean using weather stripping to seal the sides of her doors and windows. Weather stripping can be found at almost any department store and helps conceal air blown by her HVAC system. Doors can also be fitted with draft stoppers while windows can have insulated curtains.

Clear Mom’s Outdoor HVAC Units

Protecting mom’s indoor HVAC system from the outdoors seems plausible enough. But how do you protect her outdoor HVAC units from the outdoors? The answer is gloves and a water hose!

Outdoor AC units and heat pumps are easily obstructed by leaves and debris. And this build-up can put a damper on their performance. Obstructed outdoor HVAC units have little airflow, thus consuming more energy. This obstruction also leads to less air distributed by your HVAC system. You’ll need to ensure mom’s outdoor HVAC units have enough space for adequate airflow.

Use your hands (with gloves of course) to brush off any leaves and debris from the outdoor HVAC units. Do not use a rake or any tool, as this can damage the units. After you’ve cleared out the units using your hands, run a water hose down the sides of each unit to give them a quick clean. Be careful not to let water inside the actual units. Once this is done, clear out the surrounding area of the HVAC units to help them breathe easier!

This Mother’s Day, give back to your mom by maintaining her HVAC system! And if you want to give mom’s HVAC system a full professional treatment, contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling today! Give us a call at 734-342-3420 for complete heating and cooling services from Monroe’s leading HVAC experts.

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