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Improving IAQ (For Valentine’s Day)

Valentine’s Day can be a little nerve-racking, especially if you plan on spending the day at home with your date. You want everything to be perfect, ranging from the food to the decorations. Of course, you can’t forget the importance of good indoor air quality. Valentine’s Day involves enjoying a romantic evening with someone you care deeply about, and it’s hard to keep the romance when that special someone is coughing up a storm from poor IAQ.

Healthy IAQ is essential for Monroe homeowners, and improving it for Valentine’s Day is a must. Improving IAQ reduces air pollution and lowers health risks, meaning less sneezing on Valentine’s Day. Being HVAC experts, Iceberg Heating & Cooling know the importance of a healthy IAQ, and we want to share this information with our neighbors. Thus, we have a compiled some tips on improving IAQ for the most romantic day of the year.

Replace Your Filters

  • Your HVAC filters protect against dust, debris, and other contaminants blown by your heating and air conditioning.
  • Clogged or torn filters offer little protection and can lead to symptoms of allergies such as irritated eyes and chronic cough and may even cause sickness if not replaced.
  • Replacing your filters maintains an adequate defense against polluted air.
  • Generally, filters should be changed every 2 to 3 months, or when you notice large build-ups.

Monitor Humidity Levels

  • A home that is too humid can be an unpleasant experience – and can contribute to cold and flu.
  • IAQ is best when humidity levels are around 40-50% and maintaining this spectrum ensures overall health and comfort for your home.
  • Humidity levels can be measured by a hygrometer, which is available to purchase at most department stores.
  • Michigan weather tends to be humid, but less so in the winter. If your home is experiencing humidity problems in the colder months, consider using a portable humidifier to help reduce the amount of moisture.

Allow Fresh Air in Regularly

  • Your HVAC system is constantly circulating the same air, and if IAQ is poor, fresh air can help considerably.
  • Crack open a door or window periodically and allow some fresh air to enter your home. In the winter months, try opening windows for a few minutes in the late afternoon on a sunny day.
  • Be sure to monitor humidity levels after the windows have been open.

Use an Air Purifier

  • Air purifiers are a beneficial device for improving IAQ, as they clean your air while you prepare for Valentine’s Day.
  • Air purifiers utilize HEPA filters to remove several different contaminants such as dust, pollen, and chemicals from the air.
  • Air purifiers can be purchased from almost any department store, and prices typically range from $15-250.
  • Air purifiers vary in sizes, and each have filters which must be replaced as per the model’s recommendation.

Perform Professional Duct Cleaning

  • Duct cleaning may seem negligible at first but actually plays an immense role in improving IAQ.
  • Ducts provide routes for airflow, and if they are dirty, your IAQ is lowered considerably.
  • Cleaning your ducts removes bacteria, particles, and mold growth, meaning your air is circulated through clean passageways.
  • Contact Iceberg for a full assessment of your ducts and IAQ.

Make IAQ a priority when preparing for Valentine’s Day! If you are ready for your IAQ to receive the help of trusted professionals, contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling today! Being Monroe’s trusted HVAC company, our IAQ services guarantee your home stays fresh for Valentine’s Day. Give us a call at 734-342-3420 to schedule an appointment and meet your IAQ experts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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