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How to Help Your Central AC Thrive

Ways to Care For Your Central Air Conditioner

If you have a central cooling system in your home, you know that it’s truly a fantastic investment, and there are many benefits to reap from it. However, just like anything else, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your unit and take care of it in order to help it thrive, run efficiently, and stick around for an extended period.

To do so, here are some ways that you can help your central air conditioner stay in great shape:

How to Help Your Central Air Conditioner Stay Fit

Schedule AC Maintenance Annually

When was the last time you scheduled a maintenance appointment for your central cooling system? If you cannot recall, you may want to set a reminder to do so annually. The reason being is that a maintenance appointment is essentially a checkup to see if your unit is performing efficiently and that there aren’t any lingering problems that can tarnish it.

In fact, during a central air conditioning maintenance appointment, some of the checklist items include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning the A/C evaporator

  • Checking for air leaks

  • Replace the filter

  • Cleaning the condenser and flushing the coil

  • Examining coolant lines for damage

  • Inspecting the fan, motor, and compressor for optimum efficiency

  • Cleaning the air conditioning drain ports, and more.

Have Repairs Made Right Away

Hearing a strange sound or feeling that your home isn’t cooling down adequately are causes for concern. Therefore, you should schedule a repair appointment with a professional HVAC technician right away. Doing so will not only give you peace of mind, knowing that an expert is checking to see if there is any damage, but by catching any internal blunders early on, it will help preserve your unit, may extend its lifespan, and avoid an early replacement.

Clean the Condenser

One of the most essential parts of a central air conditioning unit is the condenser placed outside. The condenser is home to the compressor, fan, and cooling fins/tubes — and without this piece of equipment, you wouldn’t have cool air in your home. That said, there comes a time where the fins on the condenser may get dirty or have twigs, leaves, and other forms of natural debris stuck inside of them.

To help your central cooling unit perform to the best of its ability, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the condenser and ensure that nothing is obstructing the fins. If so, turn your unit off and gently pull out any twigs or leaves.

As for dirt, consider using a household duster to dust it all away softly. Once clean, make sure that no nearby foliage is obstructing the “breathing room” (or airflow) for your condenser — and if it is, it would be wise to trim back any greenery too close to the unit.

Don’t Forget to Replace the Filter

One task that seems to be overlooked by many homeowners is replacing the air filter. This vital detail helps block out any airborne contaminants from coming in contact with your home’s air supply. However, failure to change the filter (when needed) can bog down your unit’s performance and may hinder your humble abode’s indoor air quality.

Before leaving your current air filter in for another month or so, it’s essential to consider the following:

  • Fiberglass Filters: Should be replaced approximately once a month.

  • Pleated Air Filters: Should be replaced roughly every three-to-six months.

Of course, if you live in a home with pets or your humble abode is prone to a high count of indoor allergens, you may want to consider changing out your filters more frequently.

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