Fall Into The Autumn Season
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Fall into the Autumn Season

Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole new way of life in some parts of the country. Even if you’re not a fan of cooler days and nights, earlier sunsets, and falling leaves, there are still plenty of reasons to love this new season. There are also a few tasks you’ll need to check off your to-do list to make sure your home is ready for the change. Keep reading for all of our best tips to help you fall right into the new season.

Create a Fall Bucket List!

Get excited for the changing weather of the new season by making a bucket list of all of the activities you want to accomplish! This will make the transition more fun and exciting for you and your family. Here are some of the must-do activities that we’ll have on our bucket lists!

  • Go to a pumpkin patch and buy pumpkins for carving; get some apple cider and cinnamon sugar donuts!
  • Carve those pumpkins into silly faces or spooky jack o lanterns.
  • Go on a hay bail ride through the pumpkin patch
  • Attend a football game!
  • Enter a haunted house
  • Watch spooky movies and bake some delicious treats to go along with them!
  • Don’t forget to order a million pumpkin spice lattes!

Let us know if you add any of these to your list and what else you put on yours!

Replace Your Air Filters

Most people associate allergies with the spring season as flowers begin to bloom and the grass begins to grow again. However, fall comes with its own set of allergens. For most people, their main allergen trigger is pollen, so while the normal triggers aren’t in play, there’s one plant that is still producing pollen. That plant is ragweed, and studies have shown that about 75% of people allergic to spring plants also have allergic reactions to ragweed!

The best way to eliminate the effects of ragweed allergies and all allergies, for that matter, is by consistently replacing the air filters in your home. While you can get away with doing this every 90 days, we recommend replacing them more frequently if your allergies are bothering you.

Schedule Fall Maintenance

Don’t forget to schedule maintenance for your heating system! We recommend doing this before it gets really cold so that we can catch any issues before they become major problems for you. Stay warm and comfortable all fall and winter long with a tune-up!

Rotate Your Wardrobe

The changing of seasons is an excellent time to go through your clothing collection. Take the time to sort through all of the pieces you’ve collected over the years and determine when you last wore them and whether you think you’ll really wear them again. This process is also a great time to invite friends over so they can pick out any items they might want to take home, which extends the lifespan of that clothing item. You can also try selling those tossed aside pieces or donating them!

As you put all of the clothing back in place, put the spring and summer items towards the back of your closet, and move those coats, sweaters, pants, and scarves up so that they’re more accessible. This will make it easier for you to make sure you’re wearing all of your clothes.

If you need help preparing your home for fall, don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance! We would be happy to provide a tune-up on your HVAC system and replace your air filters while we’re at it. Visit our website or give us a call at 734-342-3420 for more information about how we can help!

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