4 Ways To Save Energy On Your Water Heater
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4 Ways to Save Energy on Your Water Heater

Water heaters are among the top 5 highest energy users in your home. Specifically, they account for almost 15% of your home’s total energy consumption. And while they’re a necessity for bathing, cleaning, doing laundry, and performing any other routine that uses hot water, you shouldn’t just let your water heater drive up your utility bill!

Iceberg Heating & Cooling recommends that Monroe homeowners practice energy-saving techniques on your water heater. We’ve assembled 4 detailed steps on how to do this below.

1. Take Short Showers Instead of Baths

While baths are a relaxing and soothing treat, they can also require much more hot water than showers. This is mostly due to the amount of water used during a bath. Since you’re filling the tub with hot water, expect to see as much as 40-100 gallons of water being used. This causes your water heater to work overtime to meet the demand.

That’s why we recommend taking short, hot showers instead of baths. Not only will a 10-minute shower use as little as 20 gallons per session, but your water heater will also use much less energy.

2. Turn off Hot Running Water as Soon as You’re Done

You probably run hot water from your faucet several times a day. This can lead to higher energy usage from your water heater if you’re not careful. Try not to use hot water if you don’t have to. This means you should manage your hot water usage during daily routines, such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and washing dishes to reduce your water heater energy usage.

3. Use Cold Water When Doing Laundry

Hot water shouldn’t be your go-to setting when doing laundry. Washing machines go through several gallons of water during a single load, so setting the temperature to hot will be a struggle for your water heater.

Instead, we recommend using cold or warm temperature settings when doing laundry. This can greatly reduce the amount of energy used during laundry cycles. Additionally, washing your clothes in cold water can be gentler on your delicates.

4. Insulate Your Water Pipes

Cold water pipes mean cold running water. And this means your water heater must use more energy to warm your water up.

Since temperatures are starting to drop in Monroe, we recommend insulating your interior and exterior water pipes. Pipe insulation can be found at almost any department store. There are several different types available such as pipe-wrap, tubular sleeves, and outdoor faucet covers. Click here for a comprehensive guide on choosing the best one for your needs.

Improve energy usage with your water heater by following these tips! And remember to contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling if you’re experiencing any issues with your water heater. Our dedicated Monroe technicians will gladly help resolve any situation with your water heater, as well as provide additional tips for energy efficiency. Give us a call at 734-342-3420 to get started.

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