Humidifier Vs Dehumidifier: Which One Do You Need?
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Humidifier vs Dehumidifier: Which One Do You Need?

Does your Monroe County home have a problem with humidity levels? Relative humidity is the water vapor level (or vapor pressure) in the air. Having the proper percentage of moisture is vital to the health and comfort of your household. A great way to keep healthy humidity levels in your home is to install either a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier to your HVAC system. But which one would be best for your needs? Too much humidity in a home can make it feel warmer than it actually is. High humidity also raises your body’s internal temperature and can cause a variety of adverse health effects. Low humidity (which is more likely in a Monroe home) is a problem as well. It can exacerbate allergy symptoms, extend illnesses and cause furniture and foundational issues.


Healthy Levels of Humidity

While Michigan summers are fairly dry and mild compared to much of the country, our extended winters can be brutal with lows in the teens. A typical winter here, even with a high level of precipitation, will also contain low humidity. This means that local homeowners are less likely to be dealing with high humidity in any season, though there are definitely exceptions to this rule. A healthy humidity level for a Michigan home will vary depending on several factors – including the size of the structure and the type of HVAC system installed. However, in the summer home shouldn’t ever exceed more than 50% indoor humidity, while in the winter you will want to keep the humidity in the 35 – 40% range. The experts at Iceberg Heating & Cooling want to make sure that your Monroe home has a healthy amount of humidity throughout the year. We’ve compiled a handy list of facts that will help illustrate the important differences between a whole-home humidifier vs. a dehumidifier. Which one do you need? Read further to find out!

Whole-Home Humidifiers:

  • Help ensure your heating system runs efficiently throughout the winter.
  • Reduce sinus and respiratory problems associated with dry air. Dry coughs, bloody noses, and headaches are the most common side effects.
  • Help keep skin moisturized and healthy.
  • Keep wood (including walls, floors, furniture) from bowing, cracking and splintering.
  • Keep paint and wallpaper from peeling.
  • Aid in keeping infants and kids from becoming sick from irritation due to dry throats and nasal passages.
  • Aid in reducing the amount of time it takes to recover from a cold or the flu.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers:

  • Help keep allergy triggers (including mold, mildew and dust mites) at bay.
  • Help reduce odors that come from mildew or mold – such as that musty smell a dank, dark room can take on when exposed to an abundance of moisture.
  • Ensure that clothing, towels, and areas that receive/contain water dry out before mold and mildew can generate.
  • Reduce the amount of dust that a home accumulates.
The dry Michigan weather dictates that most Monroe homes would benefit from adding more humidity to the air. In fact, the only reason for acquiring a dehumidifier would be to deal directly with problem rooms/areas. Rooms with leaks caused by plumbing problems or foundation issues might benefit from portable dehumidifiers for a short-term solution. But the vast majority of local residences could improve their humidity and IAQ (indoor air quality) by investing in a whole-home humidifier. If you feel that the health and comfort of your household are being compromised by low humidity levels, give the experts at Iceberg Heating & Cooling a call. We are experts on all things HVAC and can help you choose the ideal humidifier for your needs. Prevent an overly-dry environment with a cool mist or warm mist humidifier installed directly into your conditioned air system. You’ll feel the benefits immediately – and year-round!

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