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Does My Air Conditioner Need to be Repaired?

3 Tell-Tale Signs that Indicate Your AC Needs Repair

Usually, on the hottest summer day, your central air conditioner might give way without any notice — or so you think. But, unfortunately, there are many times when central comfort systems give homeowners clues in advance as to when they’ll need to see a “doctor” (HVAC technician), but their pleas for assistance are often unnoticed.

Here are three common signs that indicate your central air conditioning system needs repair from Iceberg Heating & Cooling:

1. Blowing Hot Air

Your central air conditioning system is there to keep you and your loved ones cool all summer long — however, there’s always a chance it may blow hot air when you least expect it. Unfortunately, suppose you find yourself in this particular situation. In that case, it can indicate an issue with your compressor or that your unit (if it’s on the older side) is running low on refrigerant.

2. Making Strange Noises

Did you hear an odd sound the minute you turned your central air conditioner on? No, that doesn’t mean that there’s a ghost present — but it could indicate that there’s a serious mechanical problem lingering within your compressor.

For example, if you happen to hear a clunking sound coming from the compressor, this could indicate that the fan within is hitting up against something. While this is typically a simple fix, putting off a repair can spell trouble — such as shortening the lifespan of your air conditioner.

3. Paying Higher Bills

Do you feel like you’re paying much more than you’re used to on your energy bills? While summer tends to be an expensive season, you shouldn’t see a questionably large spike in your utility bills. However, if you’ve ruled out all other possibilities — that price increase could be caused by your central air conditioner.

Typically, a spike on your energy bill could be due to a problem with your central air conditioner’s thermostat or ductwork but can also be an indicator that your unit is nearing retirement (and will need to be replaced).

Central Air Conditioning Repair in Monroe, Michigan

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