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Thermostat Strategies – How to Make the Most of Your AC System

Programmable ThermostatDo you need to replace your thermostat? Are you ready to truly make the most of your AC system? Here’s what you should know!

  • Benefits of a new thermostat. By installing a new thermostat, you can enjoy better AC and heat control, and potentially save money on your energy bills.
  • Cost. Depending on the brand of thermostat that you choose, as well as the features that your unit includes, your replacement could cost between $25-$300. It’s always best to contact an HVAC professional for an accurate, customized pricing estimate.

Thermostat Installation Guide

Thermostats allow us to effectively control of the temperature of our homes and workplaces. They play a critical role in home comfort! When it comes to installing a new thermostat, then, you should carefully consider how each type of thermostat functions, in order to determine which will work best for you:

  1. Mechanical. These thermostats can be easily and affordably installed, and generally work reliably.
  2. Electronic. These thermostats are sensitive and precise, efficiently controlling the temperature of your home or workplace.
  3. Programmable. When pre-set, these thermostats will automatically adjust to your preferred temperature, keeping your home consistently comfortable.

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