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When Do I Need Professional AC Maintenance?

Air Conditioning Installation Monroe, MIMaintenance is a crucial step in preventing mold in your air conditioner. The dark inside of your air conditioner can become a petri dish for dampness and mold. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep your unit clean and well-maintained. As part of your maintenance plan, you should monitor your air conditioner regularly and stay on the lookout for wet or damp spots. Keep in mind that once mold has started to accumulate somewhere, it can grow at the speed of light (ick!).

Clean your AC on a regular basis. Want to know the most tried-and-true method to prevent mold in an air conditioner? We have three words for you: clean your AC! Dust and debris are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Make sure that dust doesn’t gather in or around your air conditioner by cleaning your unit on a regular basis. By using a dishrag and vacuum cleaner to clean your air conditioner, you can ensure that you’re doing everything you can to prevent mold buildup and growth.

Call a professional HVAC technician when necessary. Don’t be afraid to simply get in touch with a professional when the going gets rough. You can always give a call if you have a question, or if you’re worried that you may already be dealing with mold growth. That’s what professional HVAC technicians are there for! An HVAC technician can also help you make sure that you’re doing everything you can to maintain your AC. Take advantage of the resources around you.

Learn to identify and stop leaks. Keep a close eye out for damp patches in other areas of your home. If you let water seep into your ceiling and floors, you are creating a stale and damp environment -- in which mold growth is pretty much inevitable. To prevent mold, learn how to identify leaks, and how to stop them when they occur.

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