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Professional Heat & Air Services and Amenities

Heating and Cooling Experts Monroe, MIChoosing the right heating or air conditioning contractor is critical. Whether you are replacing your old heating system, upgrading you air conditioning unit, installing AC for the first time or anything in between, our heating and cooling experts walk you through every step of the process. On the day of your installation or repair, our technicians perfect your home heating and cooling for optimum efficiency and low utility costs year round.

Speaking of lower costs, you might now be asking: How can I increase the efficiency of my home’s heating and cooling system? This, luckily, is a no brainer. To boost the efficiency of your home's HVAC system, we suggest both regular maintenance by a professional and your own at-home care. A technician will be able to check hoses, plugs, and wiring. However, you can check vents and replace filters. You play a crucial part in your own home's heating and cooling efficiency.

Iceberg’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning knows you expect the best heat and air contractors in Monroe MI. Below are just a few of our professional qualities:

  • Unlimited choices on equipment, with guaranteed low prices
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of Trade Allies, which offers rebates from utility bill provider
  • Performs home energy analysis
  • Performs heat load calculation
  • Licensed mechanical contractors, with permit and insurance

At Iceberg's, we offer the best, because you expect the best. We go above and beyond general industry standards, and with our 5-year 100% guarantee on our products and services, you get the highest quality installation, repair and maintenance for the lowest prices.

Benefits of Heating and Cooling Inspections

Within consistent heating and cooling inspections, the benefits far outweigh the costs. By having inspections completed, homeowners ensure a longer life to their HVAC system. With maintenance and regular checks, a technician can find a problem before it becomes an emergency situation.

High Expectations for Heating and Cooling Technicians

Our service technicians respect your time and your home. We are always on time or you don’t pay a dime, and arrive within an hour of your first call. We hold our employees to the highest standards, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

You can feel comfortable with our expert heating and air technicians, knowing that at Iceberg’s we:

  • Perform background checks
  • Require random drug tests of employees
  • Provide consistent, ongoing training
  • Offer alternative payment options and maintenance schedules
  • Always meets scheduled appointment times with an on-time guarantee

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

A geothermal heating and cooling system will pull heat directly from the ground, forcing it up into the home and evenly distributing the hot or cool air throughout each room using a conventional duct system installed by a team of professional HVAC experts. The same heat energy could also be effectively used in a radiant flooring system, keeping each floor in your home warm and comfortable, and in domestic hot water heating, allowing you to use hot water whenever you need it.

For geothermal cooling, the heating process is simply reversed. The air is conditioned throughout the entire home by extracting the heat from the air already in your house and then moving it down and out of the home entirely. The same system can also be used to preheat the water in your water tank for when you need it the most. Both systems work efficiently within a family home.

Maintaining Heating and Cooling Systems

When it comes to efficiently maintaining the heating or cooling system in your home, preventative maintenance can go a long way. By performing regular inspections and simple maintenance on the system in your home, you prevent large repairs from being required later on in the year. These repairs will be costly when compared to the small price of a maintenance routine early on. This routine can also increase the overall efficiency of your system and extend its lifespan quite significantly.

You should replace the air filter in your heating and cooling system once every 90 days, at the very least. It is best to check the filter monthly, however, and replace it if it appears too filthy. Next, ensure there is at least two feet of clearance around an outdoor unit or heat pump. This will allow both units to run more efficiently and for far longer.

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

In order to maintain a truly energy efficient heating and cooling system, it would be best to setup a regular inspection and maintenance schedule with our HVAC technicians. By examining the system every so often, you can increase the efficiency of the entire system and extend its lifespan by a few years at least. Preventative maintenance does work wonders, and the upfront cost is minimal when compared to costly repairs down the line from not caring for the system for extended periods of time.

The best way to remain energy efficient is to ensure the air filter is clean or changed regularly. This should be completed once per month or once every 90 days, depending on how dirty the filter happens to be. A programmable thermostat can also boost the efficiency of your entire system while saving you money on your monthly energy bill. We can handle both tasks, should you wish it.

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