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Indoor Air Quality Tips

3 Indoor Air Tips for Summer (IAQ)

With summer still giving us an incentive to turn up the AC, often the concern comes whether we’re properly maintaining a healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). After all, summer is known to bring higher amounts of pollen, bugs, pollution and other allergens into the home, which can negatively affect your IAQ. And in order to have your AC working at a comfortable and efficient level, you’ll want to be sure your IAQ isn’t compromising  its performance.

We recommend following some indoor air tips for summer that will help boost and maintain a healthy IAQ . Iceberg Heating & Cooling has detailed 3 of these tips below for your Monroe home.

1. Use Houseplants

Arguably the most natural way to improve IAQ, houseplants are almost always a great addition to your home. While you may have to put forward a bit more effort to maintain them, their benefits can consist of cleaner air, better humidity levels, and less foul odors.

Most houseplants can eliminate airborne VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are usually produced by chemical cleaning agents. Additionally, houseplants can increase humidity levels, which help to prevent air from becoming too dry (often leading to sickness, respiratory problems and exacerbating allergy symptoms).

Not sure which houseplants to get? We have listed some below:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Spider Plant
  • Rubber Plant
  • Lady Palm
  • English Ivy

2. Change AC Filters Regularly

AC filters are used to prevent your AC from circulating dust and other contaminants in your home. They do this by catching the dust particles and other contaminants, preventing them from becoming airborne again. This means your AC filter has an impact on both your IAQ and energy-efficiency. Therefore, when maintaining your IAQ for the summer, you’ll want to replace your AC filters regularly.

Most AC filters require replacement every 2-3 months. After which, they become clogged and can affect your AC’s performance. However, for homeowners who have pets or a large household, replacement should happen sooner.

3. Seal Your Doors and Windows

When a door or window is open in your home, it can allow outside contaminants to intrude – negatively affecting your IAQ. To help protect indoor air, you want to seal doors and windows as much as possible.

We recommend doing this by using weatherstripping. This material can be found at almost any department store and can be used to seal the sides and corners of doors and windows. Additionally, we recommend using insulated curtains on windows to both prevent indoor air from escaping and too much sunlight from getting in.

When maintaining a healthy IAQ in your Monroe home for the summer, be sure to follow the indoor air tips above. And if you would like your IAQ to be further assessed by Monroe’s leading experts, contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling today. Our dedicated team of HVAC technicians will help you improve your IAQ with our air quality solutions. Give us a call at (734) 375-1119 to schedule an appointment and get started.