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Earth Day: 10 Important Items to Recycle

Earth Day: 10 Important Items to Recycle

Earth Day is about participating in environmentally-friendly activities. These activities can be picking up trash off the ground, planting new trees and plants, and our favorite activity, recycling! Recycling certain items and objects help to improve the environment by eliminating the need to use new materials. Each time you recycle, you’re helping to stop waste from filling up landfills.

Want to know the best part about recycling? You can do it year-round and from the comfort of your home! Iceberg Heating & Cooling recommends every Monroe homeowner celebrate Earth Day by recycling. Below are ten recyclable items found in your home.

1. Soda Cans

Soda cans are made from aluminum, a valuable and reusable metal. Aluminum does not break down easily, taking as long as 80-100 years to decay in a landfill. Therefore, reusing it is a must. Aluminum is used to make utensils, cars, and even airplane parts, along with more soda cans!

2. Glass Containers

Items such as beer and wine bottles should be disposed of carefully in the recycle bin. Old glass can be remade into new items. Do not attempt to recycle broken class in your residential bin, as this could harm sanitation workers. Instead, contact local facilities that can accept broken glass.

3. Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are notorious for filling up landfills and polluting the ocean. Americans have used as much as 50 million plastic water bottles in a year, with only 23% of those being recycled. Plastic is a valuable resource and is found in more items than we can count.

4. Papers/Newspapers

Living in the age of the internet, newspapers are a bit outdated. We still find them in our homes, however, and the easy solution is a quick trip to the recycling bin. Old homework, bills, and magazines can be recycled as well. If you are worried about personal information lounging in the recycling bin, shred your items first. Paper is used for a variety of industrial and construction purposes and helps preserve trees as well!

5. Batteries

According to the State of Michigan, batteries are considered a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). This means they can cause harm to both us and the environment if not properly disposed of. To help ensure environmental safety, you’ll want to find a local facility to dispose of batteries.

6. Shoes

Shoes are made from recyclable materials such as rubber and leather. You can either recycle your old shoes or donate them to charity.

7. Technology

Old or broken computers, televisions, phones, and printers all can contain reusable materials and parts. They also contain toxic metals that can pollute landfills and the environment. You’ll want to find a local facility or electronics store that accepts old technology.

8. Backpacks

Much like shoes, backpacks can contain rubber, leather, polyester, and nylon. Also, like shoes, you can either recycle them or donate to charity.

9. Clothing

The variety of fabrics that make up clothing are almost all reusable. If you have ripped or old clothes that are unsuitable to donate, recycle them instead!

10. Refrigerator/Freezer

If you plan on installing a new fridge or freezer, your old one must be recycled. In fact, it is required by federal law. These appliances contain refrigerants, oils, and steels that must be recovered and reused. Unfortunately, you cannot simply place your old fridge or freezer in the recycling bin. Instead, you’ll need to find a local facility to collect the appliances.

Check out this article by Energy Star for more information.

Celebrate Earth Day by recycling these 10 items! To further help protect the environment, you’ll want to also help ensure your heating isn’t wasting energy or leaking any fuel. Contact Iceberg Heating & Cooling for affordable heating maintenance inspection services for your Monroe home. Give us a call at 734-265-0922 to schedule an appointment and get started.