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Air Conditioning Repair Monroe, MI

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service

IcebAir Condition Repair Monroe, MIerg’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides top notch air conditioning repair services, which include fast repairs and long-term maintenance. With our 5-year, 100% guarantee on all of our products and services, you can rest assured that our Monroe AC repairs are the best and always low cost. Contact our skilled cooling technicians if you experience these or any other AC repair issue:

  • The condensor isn't running
  • Uneven cooling
  • Inadequate cooling
  • The unit itself is not cool
  • The condenser unit turns off and on repeatedly

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

We want your air conditioner to stay in the best possible shape, and while our routine AC maintenance checks keep everything in running condition, there are a few tips you can follow at home as extra preventative measures. To help maintain the best cooling experience in your home, follow these tips:

  • Clean dirt or dust on outside of condenser fins using a duster
  • Brush off evaporator coil with a nylon brush
  • Clean off air conditioner register with feather duster
  • Cut grass or weeds around condensor unit to prevent obstructed airflow
  • Use a vacuum and soft cloth to clean debris off the AC fan
  • Cover condensor unit with a commercial cover during the fall and winter

Expert AC Maintenance

Our annual maintenance plans help prevent the need for air conditioning repairs and help keep your air conditioning unit in perfect condition. Our maintenance agreement provides regular system checks which exceeds manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for your AC system’s maintenance. Not only does air conditioning maintenance keep your unit safe and damage-free, but also it keeps the unit more energy efficient. Some services provided during AC repair:

  • Clean AC evaporator
  • Remove condensation to prevent fungus growth
  • Check for air leaks
  • Clean condensor and flush coil
  • Check level orientation of AC unit
  • Examine coolant lines for damage
  • Replace filter
  • Test thermostat
  • Clean air conditioning drain ports
  • Examine fan, motor and compressor for optimum efficiency

Affordable AC Repair

You’re a homeowner. You deserve both comfort and financial security. Unfortunately, owning a home can get expensive. Whenever an appliance breaks down, you need to pay a repair technician to fix it. These repairs can quickly add up, especially in an older home. One thing you should always be able to count on, however, is affordable, professional air conditioning repair. Where can you receive such quality service at a reasonable price? Why, from Iceberg Heating & Cooling, of course!

At Iceberg Heating & Cooling, we work tirelessly to get you savings that matter. We’re not talking about coupon codes for $1 off your next service appointment! We bring actual savings to our clients. Before we begin any work, we’ll write up a complete quote. This quote will include labor, materials, and anything else required of the repair job. You’ll have the final say before we begin.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

No matter what type of business you operate, you and your customers rely on a comfortable environment. This is especially true during the summer. When temperatures begin to rise, everyone seeks cover from the sun indoors. If your air conditioning system stops functioning, customers will go elsewhere. Don’t let this happen! Instead, get the technicians at Iceberg Heating & Cooling to examine the problem firsthand. Our professionals technicians are well-qualified and highly-trained in the field.

Commercial air conditioner repair is different than residential repair. Your commercial system is most likely larger, more efficient, and a bit more complex than the one in your home. The unit requires a careful and experienced hand. We can handle the work, and give you quality repairs that will last!

Residential Air Conditioning Repair

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean temperatures are dropping quite yet. A quick walk to the mailbox will tell you it’s still quite hot outside! With rising humidity, more homeowner seek shelter indoors. Unfortunately, without a properly functioning air conditioner, they won’t find any relief there. Your home’s air conditioning system may break down for any number of reasons. At Iceberg Heating & Cooling, we can repair them all. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all manner of problems and all makes and models.

When you call us for repair services, we’ll send a technician to your doorstep promptly. We know you’re busy -- and probably uncomfortable in the heat. A quick examination of your system will tell us exactly what’s wrong. Once we locate the issue, our technicians will craft a viable solution. You’ll be up and running in no time at all. That’s our customer satisfaction guarantee!

Home Air Conditioning Repair

Most families rely on their air conditioning to ensure they are comfortable during the summer months when the temperatures begin to rise drastically. Should the air conditioning unit break down in the dead of night, chances are you can look forward to an incredibly hot, sticky night that is simply too uncomfortable to actually rest well before work the next morning. Extreme temperatures can even be dangerous if they are not controlled.

Numerous problems could be the cause of your air conditioning breaking down, including a dirty filter, loose wires, or a blockage in the vents. Whatever the problem may be, our trained HVAC technicians can come to your home within an hour of your call, examine the entire cooling system, and fix the problem without any hesitation. We can have you back up and running in no time flat. This is why so many clients have chosen our services.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Your central air conditioning system is the lifeblood of the entire house. It keeps every room cool when the outside world is blistering hot. Unfortunately, since it’s such an extensive piece of machinery that runs through the entire home, repairs are sometimes a necessity. Things can and often will go wrong when the cooling unit is used heavily, which most homes are wont to do during the summer.

Our trained technicians can examine the potential problem, locate the issue, and fix it shortly after arriving at your home. Once you give us a call, we can be at your house within the hour to solve the problem. More often than not, the reason for central air conditioning units breaking down and requiring repairs comes from the thermostat or sensor failing to work correctly. Another major reason tends to be the compressor or a dirty filter. These are pretty common issues that won’t take long to solve once they have been found.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair

When it comes to solving any problems with your air conditioning, the best option you have is to simply call in a professional HVAC technician who can fix the issue with ease. Of course, sometimes you need to do a bit of repair or maintenance all on your own. In this case, start with what you know. Replace the filter at least once per month to ensure the unit continues running as efficiently as possible. If a small part has broken down in the air conditioning and you happen to have a replacement, go ahead and insert the new part on your own.

However, most repairs may be a bit more technical than many people think. This is why it is often best to simply call in an expert who understands heating and cooling units. In some cases, doing your own repairs may break the manufacturer warranty, so be sure to understand this beforehand.

How to Increase Energy Efficiency

You can take a few worthwhile steps to increase the energy efficiency of your cooling unit in the home. The most worthwhile of all these steps, however, is to contact a professional HVAC technician to tune up the equipment annually.

On top of that, you can install a programmable thermostat so you have total control over the heating and cooling units in the home. Homes that choose this option tend to save around $180 every single year. That amount adds up significantly the longer you live in the home and have the unit.

Speak with an HVAC technician about sealing the heating and cooling ducts, too. These ducts can often let excess heat or cold air out, which is simply wasting energy and money that you probably don’t want to be losing. Give us a call today and we can discuss how to make your entire home more energy efficient in spots where it matters.

How much does it cost to fix a home air conditioner?

On average, the cost to repair a home air conditioning system is between $600 and $1,900, depending on the type of system and the system’s overall size. If the air conditioner is more than eight years old or if the cost for repairs is over 50% the cost of a brand new unit, it would be best to replace the system altogether. The investment will be worth it in the long run.

As for the cost of the repair, a few factors play into the price points, including the size of the unit, the issue you are currently experiencing, whether any parts are required to perform said repairs, the length of labor, and how many technicians the job requires to successfully complete. Our HVAC experts can offer a comprehensive quote upon examining the system and give you a detailed breakdown on everything that needs to be done and the costs associated.

How much does it cost to fix the air conditioning in a car?

The cost associated with repairing the air conditioning unit in a vehicle can change drastically depending on numerous circumstances. For instance, the reported costs for a minor repair job is between $171 and $727, with the closest average being $488. Unfortunately, the price does go up depending on what needs to be fixed and how timely you want the job completed. For example, a brand new compressor will sometimes cost over $1,000 to replace. Extensive automotive air conditioning repairs can often cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the problem, the make and model, and the cost of labor associated with the job.

In hot climates, living without air conditioning could be a major problem. Intense heat can cause sickness and even death when not handled correctly. Making the investment to repair an air conditioning unit is wise, if not downright necessary depending on where you may live.

How can I increase the efficiency and lifespan of my AC repair?

After a trained technician has come into your home and completed repairs on your air conditioning, the best thing you can do to ensure the cooling unit remains efficient and its lifespan is still considerable is to maintain and clean the unit. To start, you need to keep the filters changed and clean. Your best bet is to change the air conditioning filter once per month to ensure the efficiency of your unit remains at its peak. Next, remove any shrubs or small trees that are too close to the outside unit. You can also plant a few shrubs or small trees a good distance away from the unit to prevent the sun from hitting the air conditioner. This will prevent the unit from working too hard and having to kick on more often to keep cool. Finally, set up a maintenance schedule with your HVAC technician to ensure the unit remains up to standard.

What is the life expectancy of an air conditioning system?

The actual life expectancy of an air conditioning unit is between 15 and 20 years, depending on the maintenance provided to the system, how clean everything is, and how heavily the unit is used. These numbers are for central air conditioning units – the current most popular cooling system across the nation. For a window-based air conditioning unit, the average lifespan is only 10 years at best, though this works fine for some households.

A properly maintained air conditioning can last for 20 years without any problems system – proper maintenance includes regularly scheduled check-ups plus occasional cleaning on your end. Of course, a neglected system will not last nearly as long and will, in fact, force you to take on costly repairs to simply keep the system running as it was intended. The manufacturer’s warranty clearly states proper maintenance should be taken into account to ensure the intended lifespan.

Whether your air conditioning repair or maintenance needs occur at 12 in the afternoon or 12 in the evening, Iceberg’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has technicians on call. Our Monroe, MI emergency air conditioning repair services are on your doorstep within an hour of your first call. We could diagnose and fix the problem before you even notice a temperature difference within your home. Call us at (734) 265-0922 to speak to a Comfort Specialist and schedule your repair today.